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5 Reasons to Sell at Auction
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Got real estate or personal property to sell? Then you should definitely consider an auction:
Reason 1—CASH  At auction, everything is sold for cash (and we all know there's nothing better!)
Reason 2— CONVENIENCE  You sell only when you're ready and the auctioneer handles your entire 
                                                             auction from start to finish
Reason 3 — AUCTION FEVER  Prices are determined by the competitive bidding system
Reason 4 — SPEED  Your complete sale is over in a matter of hours
Reason 5 — FUN!  An auction is an event as much as a wedding or anniversary party is. You'll enjoy having 
                                     your friends and family together as well as meeting new folks!

Still not sure? Here are more reasons to sell at auction:
  • You have real estate or personal property to sell
  • You’re settling an estate and need to liquefy assets
  • Family members need to divide items and are having difficulties with those decisions
  • You’re moving and the new place and the old stuff just don’t ‘fit’
  • You need a little extra cash
  • You just cleaned our garage/attic and found some interesting items that may be just what ‘someone’ is looking for
  • You always wondered how much it was worth












More good information:
We take items at our Old School Auction on Mondays from 9 to 11a.m. and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. by appointment. If you have just a few things, that’s the way to go. For estates, or just a lot of ‘stuff’, an on-site auction may be your best bet. Find out more about Heatwole Auction Team, their experience and their auction services.